Inside the Great Outdoors
    Located Right On The Water's Edge

    Our guest cabins are scattered irregularly along more than a quarter mile of shoreline, sufficiently separated to ensure privacy.

    Modern Conveniences In A Wilderness Setting

    Our cabins are well kept, have refrigerators with freezer, heat, 24 hour electricity and running water. Flush toilets and many other conveniences make for a unique remote wilderness setting with modern comforts.

    Delicious Meals In The Main Lodge

    Choice roasts, chops, turkey and the finest Canadian beef are the heart of our meals. Add to that all the trimmings,  homemade breads, desserts, and some South Shore Lodge specialties,  makes for meals you usually only enjoy on the holidays

    Satellite TV And Wireless Internet Available

    Though miles from the hustle and bustle we have modern connections with the outside world…if you must. Satellite high speed wireless internet in the lodge when you find it necessary, and satellite TV for the game or something else that can’t be missed.

Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada


Comfortable Cabins

Clean comfortable cabins with single beds and split bedrooms. Sizes to hold groups of 2-8.


A friendly atmosphere at the end of the day to share fish tales, a little TV, or just join the conversation.

Dining Room

What a day! Served a great breakfast, a great dinner, and fishing in between. No dishes, no cooking, no cleaning


The setting…The surroundings…The facilities

South Shore Lodge was built on one of the finest sites we’ve ever seen for a fishing and hunting camp. Our guest cabins are scattered irregularly along more than a quarter mile of peninsula shoreline. Some cabins have their own docks – others are built on rocky points, which extend out into the water. The cabins each have their own personality and are sufficiently separated to ensure privacy. You can expect well-kept and clean cabins with 24 hour generated electricity, and fully modern facilities

The main lodge is located centrally, on the high point of the peninsula, affording a wonderful view of the islands and lake. At South Shore Lodge, we feel that our remote location is a real plus for making your vacation trip a special adventure. To the east, west and south lie vast stretches of roadless wilderness and lakes containing no civilization other than an occasional winter trapper’s cabin. To our north, it’s over 25 miles by boat or plane to the town of Vermilion Bay. Rugged nature at its finest begins at our back door.

From Our Kitchen

We realize how important good food can be in helping to make vacation time enjoyable. Our delicious meals are served in the main lodge overlooking the lake. Choice roasts, chops, BBQ ribs, and select cuts of the finest Canadian beef are the order of the day. Combined with homemade breads, pastries and South Shore specialties make for memorable meals.

Appetites get big in this fresh wilderness air and we’re ready to satisfy the biggest appetite you can bring to the table. Our shore lunch boxes are filled with everything you’ll need for a tasty lunch on a scenic island or under a shade tree.

American Plan

The American Plan is our full service and meals option.

Along with good fishing, peace and quiet, and miles from the “hustle & bustle” you won’t be bothered with cooking, bed making, cabin cleaning, etc. Just fish, relax and enjoy good homecooked meals with us in the main lodge. Bring your fishing gear and a few other necessities and leave the work and chores to us. You work hard enough the rest of the year – relax, sit back and enjoy.

Linen, towels and bedding are furnished in the cabins for the American plan.

Housekeeping Plan

The Housekeeping Plan is for those who would like to cook on their own and be totally removed from meal time scheduling. On our housekeeping plan your cabin will be furnished all the necessary cooking equipment, utensils, and facilities. We will pick up the garbage and provide fresh towels each day. You bring your own food, prepare your own meals, and housekeep your own cabin during your stay.

An occasional meal is available in the lodge if you wish…just let us know ahead of time and we will prepare a table for your group.

Linen, towels and bedding are furnished in the cabins for the Housekeeping plan.


Come Once – You’ll Want To Come Back

Hi Jim and Gail, I see you're back at the lodge. Well, that means it's back in good hands.
Green Lake, Wisconsin

Prepare to create memories.