Wildlife in Ontario, Canada

Relax and enjoy the great Canadian outdoors
    Moose...Whitetail Deer...Black Bear

    Whitetail Deer and Black Bear are routinely spotted by fishermen. If you have the good fortune to come upon a Moose standing in the shallows, it’s a sight guaranteed you’ll soon not forget.

    Beaver...Fisher...Mink...Otter...And Many More

    A real treat enjoyed by all is viewing of Natures high population of small animals here. Whether a family of playful Otter, the face of a shy Woodchuck or the non-stop busy Beaver fixing, repairing or building. They entertain and grab your attention.

    Eagle...Osprey...Loons...Sea Gulls...Dozens Of Others

    Every direction you turn at anytime gliding above you can see soaring Eagles, begging Sea Gulls, or a rare Osprey. These along with the experience of a Loon screaming at you because you’re fishing his “territory” will be sights and sounds you’ll remember.

    Beautiful Plant Varieties No Artist Can Replicate

    Taking a hike up a shoreline of a stream or following a Moose trail and enjoying nature’s wild must be shared and experienced because it cannot be explained in words.

Eagle Lake, Ontario, Canada

The Perfect Getaway – Time Well Wasted
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Meet The Friendly Neighbor Family

Every year our family of friendly ducks show up at the dock each morning looking for their daily breakfast of bread. Even with the hen nervous and voicing caution the ducklings become so trusting over time that they will literately crawl on your lap while eating.

Cow and calf Moose

You never know what lies around the next corner. While out fishing, the breaking of the silence can be anything from a squirrel jumping branches, a bear rolling a log looking for lunch, or a cow and calf moose swimming from shore to shore. For a few days you’re inside their home.

Aurora Borealis…The Northern Lights

Watch the amazement of the Northern Lights as they dance above. Outside your cabin after sunset, and absent normal everyday lights, you have never seen so many stars against the massive dark sky. You’ll be amazed at all there is to see, right above your head.


Grab Your Camera And Binoculars

In this Ontario wilderness you can discover a diversity of plant and wildlife that’s practically unparalleled. There are more than 400 species of birds and an incredible variety of wildlife that makes Ontario an outdoor lovers dream. Real viewing opportunities are just steps off the beaten path.


The experience of seeing wildlife in their natural setting and capturing a great photo is something you will remember forever. Within this Canadian Shield boreal forest and lake are many species of birds and mammals. You never know what will pop up on your cabin’s doorstep or view from the boat while out fishing.

For the Explorer or Hiker

South Shore’s location is handy to abandoned mines, scenic shorelines and several creeks leading to small, hidden lakes. Taking a hike up the shoreline of a rushing stream to its source, following a moose trail or enjoying our wild flowers is a pleasant way to spend an afternoon after a morning of fishing. Close to camp is an area that experienced a forest fire, providing an interesting look at regeneration in nature (and it’s loaded with blueberries).

Many 30+ inch trophies each year…and the main course at any shore lunch.
When looking for that monster, Muskie fishermen head for Eagle Lake.
Northern Pike
Called “The Water Wolf”… Eagle Lake will show you why.
Smallmouth Bass
Pound for pound the most fight you’ll get on the end of a fishing line.
Lake Trout
Hang on…these fish don’t like giving up.

Appreciated Comments

Jim and Gail.
Always great fishing. You have a fantastic lodge, delicious food, and a great location on Eagle lake. Can't wait to get back!
Ripon, WI