Ontario Bear Hunting

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Ontario Bear Hunting at South Shore Lodge in Canada

We offer over 50 square miles of secluded, prime hunting area easily accessible from South Shore Lodge by boat. Bordering us for miles is government land, inaccessible to hunting pressure because of its remoteness. About half of our hunting territory was burned in 1974 growing back into some of the best wildlife habitation around and producing wild berries and other vegetation attracting bear to this area from far reaches during late summer. We limit our hunts to no more than six hunters per week. This is to assure, as best we can, the highest percentage of success each year. We bait well in advance of any hunting to bring the bears in before hunters arrive. Upon arrival we will take you out to the baits and get you comfortable with the area. After that the baiting and hunting is “all yours”. This helps to limit the amount of disturbance caused by too many people around your hunting area. This is not a guided hunt, however lots of assistance is given to help make your hunt a great experience, and hopefully a successful one.